Chandigarh is undoubtedly the smartest and cleanest city of India. Chandigarh not only scores on the account of cleanliness but also on basic civic amenities, better medical facilities and topmost the access to good quality education through universities, colleges and schools spread across the city.

When it comes to school, the teachers are to be meritorious and highly qualified as per the desired standards. But what if the teachers are not good and still on job? That’s what is happening in the JBT (Junior Basic Training) Teacher’s scam that rocked the Chandigarh education department in 2015.

Timeline so far

2015 -Recruitment process for JBT Teacher’s started after giving advertisement, conducting exam and interview.

2016 FIR got resisted by special investigation team (SIT) on anomalies and cheating in exam.

2017 One more FIR  for irregularities in the JBT Recruitment scam in 2015 got registered against few teachers involved.

31 July 2018 Now the case is pending before Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) Chandigarh for the next hearing.

Plea of Chandigarh Education Department– Teachers used illegal ways to enter into services since they had access to the paper before it was conducted.

It would send a wrong example in society and thousands of children’s future will be at stake. Teachers who themselves have resorted to unfair means how can they expect students to be fair in life. The bottom line.

Teacher's Service Dismissed
Teacher’s Dismissal

JBT Teacher’s Plea–  Since the termination was done without any prior notice it is deemed to be illegal and patently flawed in the eyes of law.

Suspension from Service
Teacher’s Suspension

CAT Tribunal Chandigarh Plea–  As per settled law, some notice or showcause must have been given to the teachers before terminating them abruptly.

JBT Teacher's Termination
Termination of JBT Teacher’s Service

LegalSeva view– No matter what happens to the case but future of the children is in limbo. Who should we support? Teachers got selected by unfair means and are seeking cover under the Constitution of India or students who will be deprived of access to good quality education.

JBT Scam challenged in Court
Illegal and Unlawful Termination from Job

The case will definitely have an impact for years to come. For now almost 844 JBT teachers seek relief from the CAT Tribunal. The recent result of class 10th board exams clearly reflected the apathy of children who had to compromise with teaching standards of those selected in the tainted JBT exam of 2015.

This goes without saying that if the undesirable and unfit person holds the teaching job, the students community is meant to suffer. LegalSeva hopes an amicable solution be reached to this problem where interests of both teachers and students are covered.

We will update you how the story unfolds in the future. Till  then, stay tuned to IndiaLegalNews for more updates.

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