PSPCL Consumer Complaint
PSPCL Consumer Complaint in Court

PSPCL in short , Punjab State Power Corporation Limited has been penalized Rs 15000/- for inflated Electricity Bill by District Consumer Redressal Forum of Jalandhar.

PSPCL harassed the consumer and discontinued his electricity after sending sky-high bill.

The consumer entered into property after settling the previous bills with the previous owner.


July 2016- Rs 34,150 bill prepared on May 13

Feb- Rs 18000 Bill

June 29- Rs 4040 for 598 units

Consumer finally visited the PSPCL for anomaly in the bills and rectification that sternly put down without any consideration . The authorities asked consumer to pay Rs 29000 with current month charges without any hesitation.

The complaint was filed on August 12,2016 and the decision is coming after 2 long years but in the favour of consumer.

Consumer court finally awarded compensation and litigation expenses to the charges of Rs 15,000 to consumer and restoration of the electricity connection.

It is not the first time PSPCL has charged the consumer wrongly as this has occurred on many occasions.

Consumer courts are welcoming when the consumers genuinely have a grievance in hand and this was one such occasion.

Electricity companies like PSPCL are sometimes at fault in issuing bills higher than the consumption resulting into unnecessarily in the harassment of consumers.

One must not tolerate the injustice and should fight back by filing a consumer case. The decisions usually come in a year or so but litigation expenses for the filing the case is mostly covered so that consumer don’t have to worry about paying to the lawyer or the advocate.

If you too have a grievance against any of the electricity companies for deficiency in services or high bills, please dial 7888-356908 for LegalSeva.