SIT by High Court Chandigarh
        SIT by High Court Chandigarh

SIT Probe By High Court in cases where the intervention is necessary to set the right course/path of justice. But not every case can be forwarded to SIT. There is a set criteria plus fulfillment of the the authorities before the matter is passed to SIT or it is formed on the directions of court and government.

SIT : Special Investigation Team.

These teams are appointed to make reports on specific matter only.
Under Code of Criminal Procedure investigation is proceedings done by police officer or by any person who is authorized by magistrate to collect evidence.
SIT are committees appointed by higher courts to investigate issues for them.
Where facts are complicated and going through them will involve a lot of time court can appoint a body of persons to do that work and then come to court with full details about the matter.

Purpose of SIT : Free and fair investigation and bring the culprit to justice.

• SIT is done in cases where existing investigative agencies are not able to conduct a proper investigation.

• Supreme Court being the apex court or the state government or centre government can constitute SIT’s.

• SIT generally have retired judges of High Court / Supreme Court but it may include other members too.
It possess the investigating officer as mandated by Code of Criminal Procedure.

SIT does not have the finality of court.

Court can accept or reject any report made by SIT.
Any report made by SIT will be placed before court and is scrutinized at all stages of appeal.
If report is rejected it remains on appellate court to decide the fate of case or can order re-investigation or may appoint new SIT.

Generally SIT is appointed to deal with high profile case.

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