Impersonation is a crime under Indian Penal Code that is IPC which primarily governs all sorts of crimes .

For the new age criminals where social media is so popular seems to be their next target. Increasing crimes online has put so many lives in danger.

That is why we say exercise your privacy with utter caution and socialise yourself discreetly so that any future harm can be averted.

See this story :

Creating Fake ID on Facebook
Creating Fake ID on Facebook

Boy got the pics from Facebook , morphed it and created fake account just to harass and defame the victim for ulterior motives and mental harm intentionally.

So where to start when someone starts harassing you socially online :

1 Make an online complaint to cyber wing of your areas’ police station or visit the police station personally . If you are not comfortable, send the complaint by speed post and keep the receipt safe . Also now a days there are women police stations only where complaints can easily be made .

2 On receiving the complaint, it would mark the complaint to Cyber Crime Wing of the area who will do the preliminary inquiry and may call you for recording the statements. This is done to check the veracity of allegations made in complaint.

3 After doing the preliminary enquiry and recording the statements of victim and accused , if police thinks that prima facie, case is made out , then registration of FIR happens.

4 As per the nature of complaint and allegation made , the FIR gets registered under both IT Act and IPC.

5 If the sections are bailable, bail is granted from the police station itself but the trial will begin in courts and you will get chance to book home the culprit.

6 If non bailable then the immediate arrests of the accused happen. He may try for anticipatory or Interim Bail as this is his/her right but you can contest it and assure the the Bail is not granted to him in any case.

7 Finally the challan or chargesheet is presented in the court and trial begins. Based on supportive evidence you will win the case.

Rest it all boils down to if you have engaged an experienced cyber criminal expert lawyer or an advocate who will fight the case for you to tooth and nail.

Don’t get swayed by free legal advice websites. So consult only the best. For more info, please dial 7888-356908.