Consumer Complaint Against Marriage Websites
Consumer Complaint Against Marriage Websites

   The Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum has granted an award to pay Rs.52,000 to an Ambala Resident after she filed a complaint on the unsatisfactory service of a matrimonial matchfinding firm.

    Neha Aggarwal, residing at Ambala has approached WEDDING WISH Pvt. Ltd., a matchmaking firm to find a match to her brother-in-law in 2016. Subsequently, she subscribed for a 12 month membership by paying Rs. 50,000. The deal was that the firm should upload 21 profiles in her account and arrange meetings to find suitable match.

    Aggarwal could not find any suitable match from the profiles and she repeatedly contacted the firm to expedite her account, but was in vain. Atlast, the one year subscription got expired without finding a suitable match to her brother-in-law. Aggrieved by the situation, Aggarwal approached the firm for renewal of the subscription and if not possible to get refunded on the Subscription fees of Rs.50,000. The firm denied on the ground that it had shared over 31 profiles of which four were rejected by the boy and 12 meetings were arranged by the firm. The firm also stated that the fee paid is non refundable in nature. Aggarwal approached police authorities for help.

     Later, Aggarwal filed a complaint in the Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum claiming for refund of the subscription fee of Rs.50,000 and compensation of Rs.12,000 from the WEDDING WISH Pvt. Ltd.

     The forum decided in favour of Aggarwal on the ground of DEFECIENCY IN SERVICE u/s2(1)(g) of THE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT, 1986 by the firm on not providing suitable match to the boy.

     It is interesting to note that the very same firm has been penalised for not providing a suitable match to a girl, a few days ago.

     Consumers are the King of Market and the rights of those consumers should be protected for a better trade and commerce. The award by the Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum in the present case has restored faith in law and it is a good precedent for future defeciency in services by the service providers.

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