Panel Recommendation on Sexual Harassment.

Sexual Harassment Panel
             Sexual Harassment Panel

In 2013 act to protect woman from sexual harassment at their workplace was made known as the  Sexual Harassment Of Women At Workplace ( Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal ) Act ,2013.

But only few employees complain against sexual harassment at their workplace.

Where there are more than 10 employees there is a need to implement this law.

Features Of This Act are.

  1. This act gave a right to complain against sexual harassment and also to have relief.
  2. It also give chance to defend false Charges against a person.
  3. Quid pro quo harassment : When supervisor or head of the authority demand that their juniors tolerate sexual harassment.

Hostile work environment : When working environment is unwelcome or offensive.

These concepts are also included in the act and are punishable.

  1. This act covers all women despite of their age or employment.
  2. This act covers clients, customers, domestic workers ,woman working in public or private sectors , woman working in organized or unorganized sectors.
  3. Person in management , supervision or in administrative sector in a workplace are considered as employer.
  4. Workplace include wide areas , besides office it includes all the areas where employee go for her work.
  5. Where there are more than 10 employees InternalComplaints Committee must be established in each office.
  6. At District : Local Complaints Committee should be established.
  7. Committee will within 90 days do inquiry of a complaint of sexual harassment.
  8. Then report is given to District Officer who will take action against it in 60 days.
  9. Complaint Committee can gather evidence as they have power of civil courts.
  10. If confidentiality is breached under this act then penalty of ₹5000 is imposed.
  11. Government can also inspect workplaces.


  • Section 354 Of Indian Penal Code deals with Sexual Harassment at workplace .

Imprisonment which may extend to 3 years or with fine or  both.

  • Every Company has to disclose to Government that they have implemented Internal Complaints Committee and employer who does not make such committee is liable to pay fine of ₹ 50,000.

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