Steps/Procedure of filing RERA Complaint Online RERA Panchklula Authority

Haryana is the only state to have two real estate regulatory authorities for the swift compliance of RERA in the region. One at Gurugram for all projects situated in Gurugram and other at Panchkula covering entire Haryana except Gurugram.

The wonderful part about filing complaints with Haryana RERA Panchkula Authority is that it can be filed online on the website of RERA Panchkula –

Before filing your complaint online, you should be clear what are you seeking from the Authority? There are two options available on the website:

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Panchkula RERA Complaint
Panchkula RERA Complaint

1 Registration of Complaint with HRERA Authority- For refund of entire amount invested in project and withdrawal from the project, the first complaint has to be moved before the authority which is Form ‘M’ as per RERA Act.

2 Registration of Complaint with Adjudicating Officer – For compensation and interest under Section 12, 14, 18, 19 , the complainant has to move complaint which is Form ‘N’ before the Adjudicating officer. Ideally, if there is no refund and you are continuing with the project and just seeking compensation, interest for delay and deficiency, then Form N is appropriate.

So, should I file first Form ‘M’ or Form ‘N’?

If refund, then file a complaint a before Authority and in case just compensation and interest, then Form ‘N’.

But what if I am seeking all -> Refund , Compensation and interest?

Then first file Form ‘M’ and after the decision of ‘M’ file form ‘N’ with the adjudicating officer. Yes, in that case you have to file two complaints undoubtedly. Though it is difficult to digest but it is the state so.

So, I have to file both Form M & N for Refund , Compensation and interest.

I won’t advise you to file both the complaints consecutively but there is no bar of filing both the complaints together as of now but ‘N’ will be kept pending till the decision of ‘M’.

Now you are clear with what you want to file with the Haryana RERA Panchkula Authority?

Complaint with Authority (Form M) or with the Adjudicating Officer (Form N)

Once you have decided, let’s move to the next step-

  • Have a valid Mobile number to receive the OTP to register your complaint and email address to get correspondence from authority regarding your matter.
  • Then fill the necessary details as required for complainant and respondent-> Email, Address, Mobile etc.
  • Once you fill the complaint, a complaint number will be generated as Proforma-B. Download the Proforma- B and follow the below instructions.
  • Remember complaint is to be filed physically with RERA Panchkula office within 30 days or else it will be barred.

Steps for Complaints Registration

  1. Go through the HRERA (filing of Complaints) Regulations carefully.
  2. Go to the Home Screen of HRERA Panchkula web portal and click on tab “Complaint Registration”.


  1. Fill up the complaint registration form and follow the steps prompted by the system.
  2. After submitting the form, you will receive an online complaint no from system. This complaint number will be used for all future correspondences.
  3. Make payment of requisite fee, Complaints fees @ Rs.1000 per complaint plus Rs.10 per annexure attached with the complaint by way of Demand Draft in favour of Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority Panchkula , payable at Panchkula/ Chandigarh bank branch
  4. Take a print out of
  5. i) Registration Form (Performa-B) and make 10 copies.
  6. Separately type out the Detailed Complaint in the format prescribed in the Regulation.Make 05 copies of the detailed complaint form and attach with the documents at Step 6.
  7. Annex a copy of a certificate declaring that a self signed copy of complaint has been sent to the Respondent directly and attach that certificate with the Complaint.
  8. Physically deliver 03 copies of the set comprising of Complaint Registration Form and Annexure and Demand Draft of Fees Paid and Detailed Typed Complaint and Self declared and signed certificate (Step8) in the office of Authority by hand or by post at the address.
  9. Check the status of complaint regularly at

( by entering the complaint details.

Hope this post helps you in filing your complaint online with Haryana RERA Panchkula Authority. The post entails entire steps/procedure of filing complaint with RERA Panchkula Authority.

For more info on subject, please call 99888-17966.