Do you know that you can approach Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh if you have an imminent threat of life and danger?

Be it for the purpose of love marriage.

Love Marriage Protection in High Court
Love Marriage Protection in High Court

Here in this case a 67 year old man married a 24 year young girl against the wishes of their own family members and society.

Couple sensing threat to their lives applied for protection from High Court Chandigarh where the orders were issued to SSP Office Barnala and Sangrur to ensure protection of their life and liberty.

There are many cases every year where couples from different castes, faith and economic status get married against the wishes of their families and later has to face the brunt in a way of humiliation, physical torture and in the worst case ; death of either or both of husband-wife.

Constitution of India grants right to every individual adult to get married to person of his own choice out of free will and consent but there cannot be any duress.

Many couples get killed just because of lack of information that their rights are not protected by the high courts of respective states.

One can easily move a protection petition for granting police protection and preventing registration of false cases/FIR from the opposing party as this would keep oppressing family members from harassing the couple and taking law in their hands.

But prevention is better than cure. So it is always better you consult love marriage protection lawyers from high court who will be guiding you on each and every stage of the process and also protecting your interest .

Now the couple above 67 yr old and 24 yr old woman can live peacefully and without stress from any kind of death threats or danger because SSPs office will be taking care that couple is protected as per law by the local police or SHO of the police station.

Marriage is a big decision of life and a responsible one. So you must protect life and marriage from all possible kind of problems.

If you are marrying someone whom you love don’t be afraid of law but be sure of your partner; whether he is the right one ir not? If that is sorted, court marriage lawyers in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali and nearby regions are going to take care of you.

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