In India, it is not easy to love a person and marry the same until he/she belongs to the same religion, faith, caste, or even living standards. A few people sacrifice their love for their families while a few come forward and hold the hands of each other. This step might bring joy in their life, but it is equally dangerous if family members start suppressing the couple.

Love Marriage Protection
Love Marriage Protection From Courts

An increasing number of cases are arising wherein couples are seeking protection from the courts. These cases are registered by couples who had love marriages against the wishes of their parents.

According to the data given by Ludhiana District Courts, about 2000 couples have been provided with the police protection in the last two years. The figures have escalated now with at least four couples coming daily to courts with a plea for protection due to the threat to their life and liberty from their own families.

Even if inter-religion and inter-caste marriages are now honored in society, still there are a few who want their children to marry according to them in the same religion or caste.

Recently, a petition has been moved by a couple who got married on February 27 against the wishes of the bride’s parents. They said that they have a danger to their life and liberty.

The college-going girl belonging to Ludhiana had fled with the boy of Sahnewal Village. The court had ordered Khanna police to grant protection to the couple.

Everyone knows that ourconstitution has already granted a right to every citizen to marry according to his/her own wish. But Indian Society is somewhere lagging behind in this matter when they expect their children to live their entire life according to their erroneous desires. As a result, many couples are marrying against their parents’ wishes which is proving hazardous to their life.

Such types of inter-caste or inter-religionmarriages are increasing day-by-day which brings danger to their life from their upset family members.The only remedy to it is seeking protection from the court.

One can visit any court or police station with the required documents to ask for protection. To prove the validity of your marriage, you need to provide your age proof along with other necessary details with your plea.

According to law, a marriage between a boy with 21 years of age or above and a girl of 18 years or above isvalid. Following documents are needed by the courts to file your plea of protection:

  • For age proof – Matriculation certificate/ Date of Birth Certificate/ Ration Card/ Voter Card/ Aadhar Card
  • Residence proof
  • Marriage Proof (Pictures or Certificate)

You can consult a Marriage Protection lawyer/Advocate in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali for better advice into your matter and you can lead your married life happily without any worry.

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This post is written by Damini Aggarwal of Punjab University (2020 batch).