Yes it does. Why?

Because it is mandatory for all companies, enterprises and institutions employing more than 10 or more employees to have prevention of sexual harassment (posh) in place.

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Draft posh policy for your office today
Draft posh policy for your office today

Now the salient features of posh policy would be :

1 The workplace need to form ICC- Internal Complaints Committee for handling complaints of workers related to sexual harassment swiftly.

2 ICC should have four members out of which half should be women and presiding officer should be a senior most women in office.

3 The complaint should be given to ICC within 3 months from the incident and to be resolved within 90 days .

4 After enquiry, ICC has to Submit its Inquiry report and give recommendations within 10 days to the organisation.

5 Organisation has to act within 60 days on the recommendations given and take action. Either of the accused party, complainant and accused can approach Tribunal if dissatisfied with the report/recommendation.

6 Lawyers can’t be appointed before the proceedings in front of ICC.

7 ICC can award monetary compensation as well as leaves to the victim.

8 Employer can be penalised up to Rs 50 k for non compliance and repeated defaults may also cancel the licence of the company.

9 For less than 10 employees , complaint may be made to the local committee set up by DC or state government.

10 Company must lead initiative to spread awareness about posh policy in Office so the employees know about the steps of making the complaint and get justice.

Now that it is mandatory for your office, please don’t ignore the importance of complying With POSH.

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