Chandigarh is a UT which means the governance of city is directly under the control of central government. All the employees of UT are governed under the regulations, rules and procedures meant for employees of centre.

Thus the service matters of departments in UT such as Chandigarh Police come straight under the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) situated in Sector 17 Chandigarh, just opposite to hotel Shivalik View.

The very infamous and shameful Khuda Lahora Rape case has tarnished the image of Chandigarh Police which is now again in news.

CAT Chandigarh Tribunal Matter
CAT Chandigarh Tribunal Matter

Let’s see the case timeline:
1 On Dec 19, 2013 five UT Constables were arrested and dismissed for allegedly raping and molesting a minor.

2 During the trial, girl turned hostile and admitted relationship with one accused Akshay aged 24 yrs.

3 On November 2014 all accused were acquitted.

4 One Constable revoked the dismissal in January 2015 which was declined two months later.

5 In October 2017, he challenged the order in CAT Tribunal based on acquittal and he pleaded that he was dismissed without departmental enquiry as per service law.

6 CAT Chandigarh allowed the petition and directed Chandigarh Police to reconsider plea and conduct disciplinary enquiry.

7 UT Police didn’t complied the order nor obtain any stay from Punjab and Haryana High Court which agitated the court a lot. Hence the SSP Nilambri Jagdale was asked to appear before the court.

8 The nodal Officer shares that the UT Police has filed the petition against the order which is pending for March 29.

Now the fate of Officer hangs in the hands of the Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh.

Conclusion: CAT Tribunal Chandigarh doesn’t take defiance of its orders that lightly. Hence the remedy for any sort of atrocities or difference in work conditions, for central government employees has always remained CAT.

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