Do you know that as per Supreme Court guidelines, the complaints made to police stations in Chandigarh are ought to be handled within 7 days of receipt but very lately we have discovered that the timeline is not being followed in all cases being forwarded which is a cause of concern.

Thanks to this RTI that has surfaced the facts about the working of Chandigarh Police in respect to complaints being received . Check the stats here:

Chandigarh Police Complaints

Police Complaint in Chandigarh can be made at two places

One at the police station of your jurisdiction or place of occurrence of incident mostly

Second Straight to the SSP’s Office Window at Sector 9 Chandigarh where you get an online receipt which can be checked online. Isn’t it great.

Undoubtedly Chandigarh is on its way to become smart city so as Chandigarh Police.

But there’s other side to the story as well. Police complaints where it takes time to take cognizance are the ones out of the ambit of SupremeCourt guidelines.

It is equally difficult for police to take cognizance.

If they do it too fast its an issue, if they delay its an issue too. So they have to tread the ropes of investigation carefully- my take on the report .

But yes it is within the reach of complainants to seek expert free legal advice on criminal matters like making a complaint to police station in Chandigarh or be it complaint at SSP window Chandigarh . One must state the facts correctly or else false complaints based on animosity may land you in soup.

Though there are cases or police complaints where external influence can’t be ruled out and that is where top/best criminal lawyers/advocates know when to put law in motion which is filing criminal complaint to magistrate under Section 156(3) for registration of FIR straightaway .

Today for citizens alike, free legal advice on criminal matters in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Kharar Derabassi Zirakpur (Punjab and Haryana) is just a click away and Internet is a boon for all netizens.

Never hesitate legal opinion on criminal matters when it is just a phone call away.

Rest be informed to stay strong!

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