Married Indian families are going through turbulent times in the present day. The now-age Indians who are working so hard to achieve their dreams are finding it difficult to balance their matrimonial life. Divorces in Indian happen primarily due to following reasons:

  1. Incompatibility between the couples due to money, family background, gifts, education, relatives, outside interference etc.
  2. Less dependence on each other as women are comparatively more financially independent now.
  3. Less tolerance towards minor issues.
  4. Complicated and busy lifestyle where everything is compared to others, online and offline, which is momentary in nature and not permanent.
  5. Infidelity, which can also be termed as extra marital affair.

The rise in number of false cases against the husband by the wife is also on an all time high. The social fabric of our families is left loose and dents like these in relationships are irreparable. It is not being claimed that only one sex is to blame here but both the parties often tend to stretch a failed relationship so far that they end up in undesirable situations like adultery/extra matrimonial affairs.

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False case by Husband Wife
False case by Husband Wife

Here is an interesting case with brief facts:

A woman advocate filed a complaint against her own husband for domestic violence and lodged an FIR in the police station. The bus and then complained to the Senior Superintendent of Police regarding the extra matrimonial affair of his wife with her colleague advocate. The husband disclosed that his wife filed a complaint against him as the wise was caught red handed in an inappropriate situation with her colleague advocate. After her husband confronted her about it and they got into an argument, the wife wanted to get back at the husband. The motive of the wife was clear. The extra marital affair had been going on from the past two years and now she was directly caught by her husband. No action has been taken by the police yet.

One should rather dissolve the marriage at an appropriate earlier stage in a civilised manner, keeping in mind the interest of the kids and other family members. To know more, dial 9988817966.