Every now and then, newspapers are filled with nightmare stories that begin on a matrimonial website. So much so that the government had to set up a panel to regulate this fast growing industry.

Matrimonial websites are both boon and bane. With the advancement of technology, it has become easier to find a life partner than ever before. However as the market continues to evolve, it brings with it more users and hence, more scammers who are constantly in search of prey online.

Recently, one such incident has come to limelight after a 46-year old man was arrested for allegedly posing himself as a successful entrepreneur on matrimonial websites and cheating several women after promising to marry them.

Punishment for Fake Online Profile
Punishment for Fake Online Profile

The accused, Gaurav Dhamija, a resident of Outer Delhi’s Nihar Vihar, was a class 10th dropout. He got married in 1999 but divorced soon after. 

According to the DCP (Cyber Prevention, Awareness and Detection) Avnesh Roy, he cheated around 20 women of their money by making fake profiles on matrimonial website. Most of the women targeted by the accused were either divorcees or widows. As a part of the modus operandi, he would lure women by giving them false promises to marry and, often addressed them as Mrs. Dhamija. However, he limited his interactions only to phone calls or chats on social media. He would then ask for favours in terms of small amount of money from them on the pretext of investment in his business or to use for the treatment of his ailing father. When women started to get emotionally attached to him, he would begin to demand huge amount of money.

So, if you’re also looking for your soul mate on these online platforms make sure you don’t get trapped.

Do’s and Don’ts 

  1. Do background checks and a thorough personal reference check.
  2. Commit to marriage only after meeting face-to-face with prospective groom or bride and his/her parents or relatives. 
  3. Do not ignore their social media profiles.
  4. Meet him/her in safe public places. Keepy your family/ friends informed and updated about your meetings.
  5. Never share your bank account information, passwords or any other details with them.
  6. If they start demanding money,  cut all communication with them immediately.
  7. If someone express “love” too quickly even before fully understanding you or sounds inconsistent or confusing when you ask for personal details or if anyone is in a mad rush for marriage without a valid reason or are not willing to show their face or reluctant to come on video chat or are reluctant to meet in person, there are chances of him being a fraudster.

Stay Alert! Stay Safe!

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