Education has become business today and if you see the serving fees charged by the Educational Institutes, Like Aakash Chandigarh .They are charging in Lakhs even for class 6th, 8th, 10th students. Forget about class 12th. It must be really big.

Refund from Aakash Institute Chandigarh
Refund from Aakash Institute Chandigarh

The District Consumer Chandigarh Forum has held,

“If any child fails to cope with the schedule for any reason whatsoever, he cannot be penalized by way of forfeiture of his money, which has been deposited by his parents.”

Facts of the case

  1. Complainant took admission with Aakash Institute Chandigarh on April 18,2018 and paid amount of 56,920.
  2. Complainant attended classes just for two days and had to return to native because of ill-health of his grandfather.
  3. The father of child requested for refund but only E17,694 were refunded and that in two installments. Balance of Rs 39,226 remains unpaid.
  4. The Institute filed their reply and held complainant not to be a Consumer but court held how the complainant is in a document position to know the terms and conditions of the pre-settled printed enrolment.
  5. Consumer forum held in its view, the coaching centers are entitled legally to charge fee only for the services, which they actually provide to the student and not more than that.


Court directed to Refund the balance amount of Rs 39,226/- to complainant after deducting Rs 1000/- only with @ 9% rate of interest per annum from date of making payment.

Further litigation cost of Rs15,000  Mental agony and Harassment of 10,000  caused due to deficiency in their services.

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