This one is interesting a real hate story. MD & his secretary had physical relationship for almost 3 years during 2014-16 while she lived in a flat provided by him.

Promise to Marry  Rape case written agreement
Promise to Marry Rape case written agreement

Finally they ended the relationship where written agreement was made and girl took heavy amount from MD and also it was agreed that MD will destroy all the electronic evidences including nude pictures and videos.

Thereafter, woman left the job and gets married to someone else. Miffed with girl’s marriage, MD called her husband and broke the marriage by sharing the past photographs and images.

Then the women lodged the FIR with police making allegations against the Bose that the Bose that the sexual relationship was not consensual and she was repeatedly raped for 3 years and blackmailed by him.

The High Court then quashed the FIR, proke against the MD on account of malicious prosecution.

Then, the girl moved to Supreme Court against the High Court’s order on premise that agreement was signed under duress.

Supreme Court’s View:

The probe cannot be quashed merely on the ground of agreement signed by parties when the accused is holding an authoritative position.

The probe is very much necessary to ascertain the veracity of allegations leveled by the girl and whether the harassment by MD still continues even after walking out of the relationship.

This story reminds me of Hate Story series of movies where revenge crime is the only motive.

Rest, Promise to marry cases turning to rape cases is devious. Thus one must seek only Expert Criminal Lawyers for their case.

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