Cases of Medical Negligence are on spur and even reputed institutions like PGI are not even spared.

Here is a complainant filed viz one case of medical negligence against the doctor of PGI for not doing their job with due diligence and expected amount of Efficacy.

PGI Medical Negligence Case
PGI Medical Negligence Case State Consumer Commission

Let’s have the facts of the case first:

  1. A senior citizen filed complaint of medical negligence at District Consumer Forum against Delhi ENT hospital New Delhi, Sun Diagnostic Clinic Saket New Delhi, Max Health Care Super Specialty Hospital Mohali & PGI
  2. The Court Ordered Compensation Against Delhi Based ENT Hospital and Sun diagnostic Centre but not PGI vide order dated 20.05.2019
  3. The Complainant went into appeal before state consumer commission against the PGI
  4. Timeline of the medical problem.

(a) In March 2016, she took treatment in Karnal but got no relief.

(b) Then she got checked at PGI on March 21,2016. The Doctor advised abnormal side of growth on left side of throat. She was treated as outpatient for a month.

( c) On fear of Cancer , she got herself treated at hospital at Delhi ENT on August 2,2016.

(d) Again, she got the tests from Sun Diagnostic Centre and reposts were hinting cancerous.

( E) She visited Delhi hospital and again hospitalized in Max Hospital and was operated on Aug 12 ,2016.

(f) Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology was done from PGI and report dated October 7 showed that of “Follicular Adenoma” and nothing linked to Cancer

Court dismissed the order on view that nowhere in the reports doctor opined that lesion could be cancerous and report showed it as area of abnormal tissue change. Also there were no confirmed reports to show that the growth was malignant by the Doctor.

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