Travelling abroad is, going from one’s own country to another country by air, water or land which can be first 5 to 10 days all can also become a month or two. People go abroad for their own different names for requirements which can be study, shopping, exploring etc. Now, for travelling abroad one should be prepared, not just economically but lawfully too and there are some laws to follow for going out of the country to another.

Permission to Travel Abroad Legal Advice
Permission to Travel Abroad Legal Advice

As mentioned by the Supreme Court of India, right to travel abroad is a human right in every citizen who is not restricted by law can do so. As delivered in the verdict of Maneka Gandhi case this right is a fundamental right as it nourishes self determining and independent creative character out of an individual not only by expanding one’s experience but by expanding one’s freedom of actions and movement.

The right is not only for normal citizen but for a Public authority too and there can be no unnecessary restrictions on either of them. Now, there are some important documents for a person to have so that they can be legally eligible to travel outside the country which are as follows:
▪ Valid National Passport
▪ Photo Identify Card issued by Govt. of India/ State Govt./ Election ID Card issued by Election
Commission of India
▪ Visa
▪ Travel authority for the destination Country
▪ Confirm for a minimum period of passport validity be the embassy
Can a person go abroad while case is pending?

Any phone has restricted the person from travelling abroad they have the liberty to travel. Filling of case does not stop the person from travelling, while at the other hand in the case of bail, it depends on the conditions on which the bail was granted and hence to decide the person can directly take permission from the court so that there doesn’t come any problem in future.

Indication of a person working on the government there are certain criteria to follow for travelling for stop this included the centre to give permission within 21 days of receiving a request by concerned authorities.
Following are some cases from different high Court:
• Nanek G. Seth V. CBI
• Naginder Singh Rana V. State of Punjab
• Amrinder Pal Singh V. State of Punjab
• Density Ranjan V. Union of India

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