Illegal termination or Wrongful termination means unfair removal or dismissal of an employee without any valid reason or grounds. It is considered unfair and against principle of natural justice to remove someone without providing a proper reason or without giving that person the opportunity to be heard.Right to live and work is a fundamental right of every citizen. A person has a right to move to High Court against illegal termination.

Challenge Termination in High Court Chandigarh
Challenge Termination in High Court Chandigarh

Dr Raghuram Rao joined National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (Niper) on 12th May 2017. After a gap of seven years finally the institute found a permanent director, the position had been vacant since December 2009.

Dr Rao, the former director of Niper, filed a petitionagainst the service termination orders issued by the President in the Punjab and Haryana high court. The director could no longer exercise his administrative and financial powers, this was stated by the department of personnel and training

The President, on 2nd December issued a letter terminating the services of the director of Niper. Dr Rao was provided an opportunity to take a legal course within 14 days since the letter was issued.

Dr Rao stated that, “In violation of rules, the former registrar still resides on Niper campus with the consent of the former board of governors. Rules say employees, who have been relieved of their duties, can avail official accommodation for only a month.”

He also professed that during the tenure of the former director and the previous registrar, the institute witnessed CBI raids, torching of director’s car and students going on a three-month strikes whereas when he was suspended, students had held a candlelight march in his favour.

“Despite seven court orders asking former registrar PJP Singh Waraich to vacate the official accommodation, no action has been taken against him. Instead, officials of the pharmaceutical department asked me to comment on the complaint. During the tenure of former registrar and ex-officiating director late Dr K KBhutani, who had hired Waraich, almost every third employee was in court. Department of pharmaceuticals and the ministry of chemicals and fertilizers have the mandate to reduce the number of court cases. This case of the institute involves almost 150 employees.”, Dr said claiming charges against higher officials in the ministry of chemicals and fertilizers.

A Comptroller and Auditor General of India team has been on campus for the past week and they are refusing to disclose anything, a team member stated that the report will be submitted in Parliament. This team was formed to check and investigate financial irregularity complaints against Dr Rao.

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