Institute refused to refund the student who left coaching due to father’s transfer, directed to pay up.

Consumer Complaint against Aakash Chandigarh Institute
Consumer Complaint against Aakash Chandigarh Institute

On30th May 2019, Rohit Ram, a resident of Sector 78, Mohali informed the coaching centre that due to his transfer his son, Chirag Mishra, could not continue the classes and requested a refund. Rohit Ram filing a complaint stated that he admitted his son Chirag Mishra in the institute for coaching and paid a total sum of Rs 48,660 on 17th May 2019 but due to his transfer his son could not join the institute, so he asked for a refund.

Despite numerous requests by the complainant, the institute reportedly dragged the matter and did not refund the amount after which the complainant had to move to the consumer forum. On December 3rd 2019, the institute did refund the amount of Rs 48,660 to the complainant though during the pendency of the consumer complaint no reply was filed by the coaching centre.

The complainant, however, prayed for grant of compensation for physical and mental harassment and litigation expenses as even though the amount was paid back by the coaching centre but only after filing of the consumer complaint and not before it.

“There is no doubt, the original liability by the coaching centre stood discharged, albeit during the pendency of the instant consumer complaint, but, we feel the ends of justice would be met if the complainant is reasonably compensated by way of compensation and costs as he had to indulge in litigation and approach this forum for the purpose of redressal of his grievance.” was stated by the forum after going through the record of the case and hearing both the sides.

The district consumer disputes redressal forum then ordered Aakash Medical/IIT-JEE/Foundations coaching institute in Sector 34 of Chandigarh, to pay Rs 15,000 for not refunding the fees of a student after he had to leave the course in the beginning due to the transfer of his father’s job. The institute was directed to pay Rs 10,000 to the complainant as compensation for causing mental agony and harassment andRs 5,000 to him as costs of litigation.

The district consumer disputes redressal forum directed FIIT JEE Limited Coaching Institute to refund the fees of the students who left the course after only four months as the coaching centres are entitled legally to charge fees only for the services provided by them to the student and not more than that.

“If any child, after joining the coaching institute, failed to cope up with the coaching schedule for the reasons whatsoever, he cannot be penalised by way of forfeiture of his money, which has been deposited by his parents with such coaching centre.”, was held by the forum.

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