Consumer protection act offers and provides elaborated protective provisions which this act guards towards respective rights of consumers in the pursuance of consumption of goods and services and stipulates stringent penalties in case of intentional default by the wilful defaulters

Consumer complaint against CCTV Company Invit Solutions
Consumer complaint against CCTV Company Invit Solutions

As in a recent such case, The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum , Chandigarh has directed two private companies to pay up Rs 15,000 as compensation and to refund Rs 80,190 for wrongly & improper installation of CCTV cameras that started malfunctioning within the warranty period and remained non-functional despite repair undertaken by the companies .

As per the available information, the complainant Pushpak Society, Sector 48, had entrusted Invit Solutions to install CCTV cameras in the society for Rs 59,640 and Rs 31,185 on November 24, 2016, and November 26, 2016, respectively. The complainant said as per quotation, they had to install cameras of Sony company but instead installed a TV screen of Micromax and the DVR (digital video recorder) was also not of Sony as was promised by the said company.As per the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement, the company was to give one-year warranty on cameras and on all products attached with them. However, the wires got damaged just after two months. At this the company said Invit hired and assigned HD 360, another private company  to look into the problem. The authorities at HD 360 advised the complainant to get PVC pipes installed to cover the wires for safety and submitted a quotation. The complainant, society complied with the suggested resolution and did the needful accordingly which even put additional cost @ 1100 issued by HD 360 to complainant. However the problem continued unresolved as the installed system got unable to save the footage whereon the complainant had to install the storage device on which again a separate bill @ 2800/-  had been issued by HD 360 and the outcome was unfurnishing  of the purpose for which the CCTV cameras were being sought . Whenever the complainant raised the matter with Invit solutions they tried to evade and even mislead by making frivolous claims. Aggrieved and suffered enough the complainant then approached the District Consumer Redressal.

 Where after detailed hearing of the contentions and arguments put forth by the counsels of both the parties, held both the companies as guilty of deficiency in providing of service  as was promised by them . The forum further observed that the complainant in the given situation is entitled to get refund of not only the amount incurred on the purchase of the CCTV cameras and other items but also of the repair cost incurred and paid to HD 360 as the CCTV cameras installed by Invit were not in working condition even after carrying out the repair.

 “The snag in the CCTV cameras developed well within the warranty period and are non-functional despite repairs also proves that it suffers from inherent manufacturing defect and the purpose for which the complainant society had purchased it, has been frustrated.”

So the Consumer Protection Act aims to protect the interests of prospective consumers but who are aware of their rights and strive enough to get them enforced .

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