The AIJASS Secretary General protested on behalf of the JAT community to raise concerns about the JAT community’s needs for reservations in Govt. job quota/appointments. During the protest, unknown persons (group of assailants) attacked Haryana Finance Minister Captain Abhimanyu’s home, set it ablaze, and threatened the minister’s family. After the Minister’s complaint, the CBI attached this matter with the Jat Quota Protest. 59 people were accused overall and most were acquitted due to the CBI fabricating/manufacturing evidence incriminating the current accused. The last 4 accused have finally been acquitted.

Sedition Lawyers India
Sedition Lawyers India

Charges Applied by the CBI:

Rioting  (IPC 148), Unlawful Assembly (IPC 149)

  • Sedition(124A {rebellion by uttering/writing against Govt.})
  • Attempt to Murder (IPC 307)
  • Dacoity (IPC 391,395)
  • Damage to property (IPC 427,436,450)

Facts of the Case:

  • A riot did happen at the Finance Minister’s Home; but by whom? Could it have been a diversion to blame/defame/sabotage AIJASS and their intentions?
  • Damages of 14 crore occurred; but by whom? Was it a fraudulent claim by the Minister?
  • CCTV footage showed assailants invading the Minister’s home; but were they really AIJASS?
  • Has Minister flip the CBI office on its head
  • Special CBI Judge noticed the charges were framed against all accused

How to proceed:

This is a classic case of Govt. officials misusing their power, forcing the CBI to take action, which caused a flawed investigation, not yielding desired results. *(from here on sentence 1 or/either 2 can elaborate)

Sentence 1:        *The vacuum of the vacant slot of the CBI chargesheet faulted in the occurring protest’s constituents and some participants of the protest.

Sentence 2:        *Thus the untimely event of the protest attached itself to the power vacuum of the Minister’s unfortunate incident.

It is absolutely terrifying that anybody’s home/property can be invaded, and the perpetrators/assailants may abscond. An even more terrifying scenario is going to jail for a crime you did not commit by CBI, sponsored by the all powerful Govt. falsely pointing the finger at you (falsely implicating you).

What can you do when falsely accused?

An innocent person should never give up hope, even if they have been negligently found guilty and imprisoned. Appeal and continue fighting for your freedom and exoneration, the truth cannot be buried for long. Exoneration will draw compensation for false imprisonment and the abusers of government power will be tried for malicious prosecution if they deliberately prosecute when you were innocent.

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