The Indian Government has all the necessary implements to have people registered legally but some people prefer to skip all the prerequisites and pay for certificate/documents without experience. The Government employees working at the public offices were entrusted to fulfil their duties but some still fall prey to greed and bribes offered by civilians to cut corners.

Fake Licence case: Faridkot RTA secretary gets anticipatory bail Punjab
Fake Licence case: Faridkot RTA secretary gets anticipatory bail Punjab

                Faridkot RTA public office employees have been booked for Section 420 (Cheating), 467 (forgery of valuable security), 468 (Forgery for purpose of cheating), 471 (using as genuine a forged document or electronic record) and 120-B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code at Longowal Police Station.

                A complaint by Rajinder Singh of the same district filed a complaint in October alleging that backdated licence using fake documents were being put out by the RTA office in Faridkot. Sangrur police registered a case against a Clerk and two agents for issuing these fake documents.


                Further yielded information brought to light RTA Secretary Hardeep Singh and assistant transport officer Gurnam Singh for colluding with the Clerk.

                The Faridkot RTA conducted a departmental inquiry to review all documents, which uncovered that driving licences and vehicle registration certificates (RCs) were issued through backlog entries in 2019, rules being violated.

260 Licenses were suspended and 96 RCs were blacklisted for incomplete documentation and non-payment. A junior assistant was suspended; over 500 driving licenses to people with dubious credentials were issued by the junior assistant.

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Legally speaking:

                Abuse of power by these RTA officials got them in trouble tied under the Indian Penal Code, because the Local Police followed their protocol of jurisdiction. If the CBI had gotten wind of this matter, the Prevention of Corruption Act would have also been a factor; if monetary gain was the end for this RTA employee misconduct.

                If, after the trial, these RTA employees are found guilty of any of 467 or 468 of IPC, it would not be the exact end of their troubles. The PC Act may further apply:

Section 7 & 8 (Taking gratification …) of the PC Act;

 Section 13 (Criminal Misconduct by a public servant) of the PC Act;

 Section 14 (habitual committing of offence under sections 8, 9, 12) of the PC Act;

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There is a moral question Indians need to ask themselves when offering bribers; when the person taking bribes get caught, will he blow the whistle on the briber? How expensive can a short cut cost in the long run? How much of a hassle is it to actually follow the government’s step-by-step procedure?

Undeserved Driving Licenses is one of the main reason traffic flow is so annoying; everybody is quick to blame someone else’s peculiar driving when clearly knowing why the vehicles are so clumsy.

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