Major Booked for Slapping Wife

                Happily Ever After is displayed at the end of most movies, and that is what most people wish at the start of their marriage. Every marriage doesn’t start off smooth, and may start off rocky but no divorce is intended with a nice ending. An Army couple witnessed a disaster of an ending of their marriage.

Slapping your Wife Criminal Offence in India: Domestic Violence Victim
Slapping your Wife Criminal Offence in India: Domestic Violence Victim

Legal Issues Involved;

                Frustration and anger is what follows when an agreement turns into a disagreement, sometimes words cannot convince couples to be compliant. When 2 individuals cannot come to the terms for divorce, both of them should acquire a lawyer to negotiate for them. Violence is never the answer; it only fuels the fire of revenge by the spouses against each other.

News Article Facts:

                An army Major took his wife (also an army major) to an advocate to sign a pre-drawn mutual divorce papers, which the wife refused after reading the documents and returned home. When they reached home, the woman alleged that they had an argument and her husband slapped her multiple timed which cause bleeding from her ear. Her husband left the house with his parents and that is when she called the police. The woman went to the local military hospital which diagnosed a damaged left eardrum.

Legal Stand Point:

                The police have filed a FIR against the husband army Major, the specific charges applied are: Section 323 (Punishment for Voluntarily causing hurt); Section 325 (Punishment for voluntarily causing grievous hurt); Section 506 (Punishment for criminal intimidation. If threat be to cause death or grievous hurt, etc), of the Indian Penal Code.

Furthermore, The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 may come into effect if the wife submits an application to the Magistrate (Section 12 of the DV Act). The domestic incident report will dictate whether or which sections of the DV Act can be applied specifically (for damage compensation, monetary reliefs, or any special requests depending on the case’s merits).

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