UT Department files charges against teacher accused of taking lakhs for giving jobs.

                The eagerness of people wanting to work has become a target by greedy individuals looking to make a quick buck. Demand and supply usually applies to businesses but that same principle falls under corruption as well. This concept is not new at all, it is only a matter of time until whomever commits this crime is caught and becomes a statistic of greed.


Teacher Chargesheeted for Promising Government Job Chandigarh
Teacher Chargesheeted for Promising Government Job Chandigarh

Legal Issues Involved:

                Any person accepting money to influence on a public officer for whatever purpose is illegal. This action discredits the hard work one person does by educating himself for years. Education is not cheap and when all that still does not yield results as expected; people fall prey to bribery. Once a person gives a bribe, it causes a chain reaction; that same person will also look for bribes as reimbursement.

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News Article Facts:

                In sector 21, Government Model Senior Secondary School (GMSSS) teacher has been accused of taking 6 lakh from one person and 3lakhs from 2 others on the basis of purchasing a home. Specific dates and names are state in the corresponding news article. The teacher named Parvinder Singh offered to provide jobs at PGI, Chandigarh or any other department. After the complaints were filed, the teacher was asked to give a written reply within 21 days. After the complaints, the Director of School education has requested a proper inquiry into the matter; complainants were called to attend preliminary inquiries and given written statements. Upon the inquiry, it was found that a payment was made via cheque on September 9, 2019 which proves Parvinder Singh acted in a manner unbecoming of a government servant, violating provisions in the Punjab Government Employees (Conduct) Rules 1966.

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Legal Stand Point:

                The news article only states which Rules of the Punjab Government Employees (Conduct) Rules 1966 were violated: Rules 16 and 18. The specific violates applied to Parvinder Singh are most likely:

Rule 16 – Investment, lending and borrowing.

Sub-Rule (4) clause (i): No Govt employee shall, save in the ordinary course of business with a bank or a firm of standing duly authorised to conduct banking business, either himself or through family or any other person:-

Sub-Clause (a) lend or borrow money as principal or agent, to or from any person within the local limits of his authority or with who he is likely to have official dealings, or otherwise place himself under any pecuniary obligation to such person.

                Rule 18 – Movable, Immovable and valuable property.

Sub-Rule (2) – No Government employee or any dependent member of his family shall except with the previous knowledge of the prescribed authority, acquire or dispose of any immovable property by lease, mortgage, purchase, sale, gift or otherwise either in his own name or in the name of any dependent member of his family.

Rule 16 were violated for the reception of cash and Rule 18 was violated for purchasing immovable property with illegally acquired funds.

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                The people who have paid the bribe have become witnesses against Parvinder Singh but only after the transfer of the funds. It is yet to be proven whether the complainants came forward due to Parvinder Singh not delivering his promise for the bribe or if the complainants came forward to prevent further corruption. If the complainants came forward before the transfer of funds then the accusations may have been declared baseless. Either way, baseless claims or successful transactions, Parvinder Singh is looking at losing a good government position; over trying to acquire a home quickly.

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