We all want to stay updated when it comes to staying hungry about latest news, update and stories.

When it comes to legal, not just lawyers or law students but a common man aka AAM AADMI also wants to know the latest legal position so far as Indian laws are concerned.

Just bringing you my list from the closet where one can refer to daily legal news and updates to stay in the game. This is helpful for public in general but not a replacement for professional legal advice.


One must know, the context and relevance of a particular story to his case given the condition & facts can be entirely different. So hold on your horses.

  1. LIVELAW: My favorite and masters of legal journalism in India. They have the best legal writings on Indian laws and topics.
  2. BAR & BENCH: Legal news at lightning speed. They publish stories even from courtrooms in a ongoing case.
  3. LATEST LAWS: Now can they be far behind is reporting latest judgement and news stories.
  4. INDIA LEGAL LIVE: Catching up with the competition, they also save the same purpose.
  5. THE WIRE.IN: Through their writing is controversial at times but their opinions reflect the true state of affairs some times.
  6. THE QUINT: Another website with legal section covering all popular legal stories across India.
  7. SOO LEGAL: Also finds spot on the list as they are doing a good job.
  8. LEGAL ERA ONLINE: Doing well with their legal posts, they are catching up with the pace.
  9. LEGALINDIA: Yet another website making their mark in legal news in India.
  10. LAWBEAT.IN: Well they are also trying to be best in the race of updating us about legal.

After this list, every other newspaper in India has legal columns where legal stories appear on daily basis but they do not specifically cover legal stories. So they cannot be on the list.

You might try:

• cnbctv18.com
• legal.economictimes.indiatimes.com
• timesofindia.indiatimes.com
• lawrato.com
• lawtrend.in
• thehindu.com
• hindustantimes.com
• tribune.com
• indianexpress.com
• lawstreet.co
• India Today
• ndtv.com
• mint Newspaper
• dainikbhaskar.com
• dainikjagran.com
• punjabkesari.com
• amarujala.com
• aajsamaj.com
• jagbani.com
• dailypostindia.in
• buisnessstandard.com
• ajit.com
• dailypioneer.com

  Now bookmark these websites for your knowledge enhancement and keep visiting this website for information about best legal websites in India.

Rest, IndiaLegalNews.com is also sharing legal stories across India on daily basis in form of news snippets.