A valid legal age is a must for any marriage in India which is 21 for a boy and 18 for a girl.

Love is blind but not courts. They can read it from the face. So if you are one of those couples marrying against the wishes of parents and now seeking police protection from High Court or any other Court then you must fulfill the requisites.

For age proof, following documents are sufficient :
1 Education certificate of class 10th
2 Date of Birth certificate
3 Ration card
4 Voter card/ Aadhaar card

It is better to follow the above order while procuring documents.  Next would be your residence proof,  affidavits, marriage photos & certificate and your representations to the police for protection from agitated relatives.

If the age is found incorrect or wrong then the person can be taken into custody straight away from the court.

The person can be booked under Prohibition of Child Marriage act apart from giving false affidavit in the court.

Love Marriage Protection
Seeking Protection from High Court in Love Marriage

In the present case, the boy was 19 and still married a 18 year old girl which is against the mandate of a 21 year old age for a boy. Thus against the law.

Even the boy can be booked for giving false affidavit in the court.  Therefore one must not go blind in love and follow the law.

Love marriage protection is a step to safeguard the safety of young couples ailing from the fear of death from their own relatives. They must not miss on the age part.

Rest courts are inclined to grant protection and protect you from any unfortunate event but only if you come clean before it.

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