Don’t get caught on the wrong foot. Be a druggist or local chemist, you cannot sell certain drugs without prescription as per the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

If caught you can be booked under various sections of the Act.

Such as this case.

Drugs and Cosmetics Act Challan
Illegal Sale of Drugs

A raid was conducted and the owner of shop was booked under Sections 18 and 65 of the Drug and Cosmetics Act as many irregularities were found against him.

The boxes of medicines commonly used by Drug Addicts were recovered. Even the owner was not able to prove their Sale-purchase that means they were readily available with Drug Addicts for consumption.

The police accordingly prepared the challan and will represent it in the court of law next day. If after enquiry it is proved then the owner may have to face jail term and his license may also get cancelled.

Drug abuse is the next most common crime after RAPE today . We must take care of ourselves while indulging in these habit forming drugs.

Don’t let loose yourself to these life taking substances that can destroy you at all levels.

Further , reach out to de-addiction centres and communities for better managing your physical health.

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