A bad who news for NRI Husbands who have deserted their wives and thinking of coming back. Please don’t. You will be taken into custody soon if there is a case pending against you.

A fine example of one such situation is this.

NRI Husband Passport Suspend
Complaint against NRI Husband

The regional passport office recently suspended 11 passports of runaway husbands. One such was of this person.

The person visited the office for enquiring about why his passport was impound? The officer knowing this called the cops. Unfortunately, the wife of the person was also there to take the passport impound orders of her husband.

The person was declared PO by a local court in Punjab in Domestic Violence case. Thus the passport was impounded. That is why chandigarh police took the person to preventive custody.

Previously also a lookout notice and circulars were issued for the husband.

As per law, the Passports Act , 1967 and the passport manual have the provision for revoking or suspending passports of NRI Husbands who have been declared PO’s or are facing arrest warrants .

Now the NRI wives can forward the orders of court to passport authority who can later suspend the passport and the husbands can’t stay in foreign countries any longer.

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