Medical is a noble profession. Doctors not only professionally owe a duty of reasonable care but morally and ethically should also suggest the best treatment keeping finances at the back.

But life strikes you hard when you lose someone and that’s when your control is lost.

One such case surfaced today. Read the story

Lawyer for Medical Negligence Case
Medical Negligence Cases

Chandigarh State Consumer Commission ruled that death didn’t occurred due to the negligence of doctor as proper procedures were followed  and a reasonable standard of care as prescribed by Medical Board was taken.

The patient was having a heart operations which she didn’t survived. Her husband contested the matter before Consumer Court on account of Medical Negligence by the doctor.

Supporting the view of commission, the president of IMA suggested that complications shouldn’t be understood for negligence as both are part and parcel of the medical treatment.

Moreover, consent is always taken from the patients going for these advanced treatments.

The supreme court ruling of year 2010 was cited where the difference between negligence that gives right to compensation and one which is a crime was cited.

No doubts at times, the doctors are negligent and callous which results in loss to the family. In those cases, doctors must be booked for medical negligence.

In this case, the doctor is not held liable.

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