Fraud and Cheating is so common today in immigration matters that after Immigration Agents , consultants, firms and now it’s the turn of our close aid and relatives to cheat and play fraud on the pretext of sending abroad.

The courts are flooded with these matters. Typical FIR (First Information Report) under Section 406 and 420 are lodged first.

420 IPC talks about cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of the property. The punishment is for seven years plus fine. This is a non bailbale offence.

In the present case, the uncle and aunt cheated the guy and he lost around 26 lakhs for going to Germany which is a huge amount.

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Immigration Fraud and Cheating Complaint
Immigration Fraud

For proving cheating, you have to show the fraudulent intention right in the beginning and delivery of property in pursuance of thereof.

Often the cheating element is coupled with breach of contract which is entirely on a different footing.

The person must face damages or harm in body, mind , reputation or property.

Immigration is a lucrative business and one can easily shell out of chunks of cash to go abroad. Thus a  lucrative scope of business for near and dear relatives

But caution! They are the ones to cheat you once they know that you have yearning for going abroad.

Have something in writing before you give any money for immigration. A contract or agreement is sufficient with indemnity clause.

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