In government job if a public servant dies untimely leaving his/her family in financial distress and penury, then to overcome immediate monetary demands, a job is offered to the most suitable person in the family irrespective of his/her education.

Please note that only Group C and Group D posts are liable for compassionate appointments.

The deceased family has to apply immediately for the rebate else applying after a gap, party may loose its consideration.

Every Organizatiin just like PSPCL, has policy for Compassionate Appointments that can be browsed on the website.

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Compassionate Appointment
Compassionate Appointment in Government Jobs

Remember compassionate appointments are not a matter of right. It is available only against the vacant post not otherwise if no group C & group D posts are available.

The person/family is considered from all respective angles and then given the job. It’s usually on the basis of availability and suitability of demand viz financial difficulties.

A person from well to do family may take the jolt and survive but for a backward class employee, all hopes rests upon him.

So the recommendation has to be done very wisely keeping all the facts in mind.

But if there is a malafide or lack of intent, then the person can approach the hon’ble court and that would be High Court of the state through WRIT petition.

Many times, the authority makes compassionate appointment  the privilege for some families which shouldn’t be the case either. It should go to the most deserving family who is in dire need of financial assistance.

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