The taboo of being an  haunts you for lifetime and what if you are convicted? More stigma and blemishes on your character.

But acquittal can also happen in criminal cases on following grounds:

1 Lack of evidence or not enough to convict the accused.
2 Prosecution not able to prove case beyond reasonable doubt.
3 Prima facie no offence being made out.
4 Witnesses not able to support, corroborate or convince the prosecution story.
5 The last and most famous one , witnesses turning hostile.

Read below stories to know how ?
19 year old Acquitted in Sodomy Case

Criminal Case Acquittal
Acquittal in a Criminal Case

Even in Rape cases if the victim turns hostile, it can land you in acquittal.

Rape Case Acquittal
Rape Case Acquittal

But wait! The court has the discretion to allow this plea. If from other witnesses statement the crime is proved, the one turning hostile would be ignored.

The evidence has to be read in entirety not in the isolation as to just read the hostile witnesses statements alone but of others also.

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