Yet another case has come where protection has been granted by High Court Delhi in love marriage and that too inter-faith couple.

A hindu boy married a Muslim woman against the wishes of girl’s family who in turn lodged a complaint and got the boy arrested for 3 continuous days without presenting him to the trial court.

It came as a surprise to High Court who was hearing the matter for first time.  Read the story here.

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Protection Matters in High Court

The bench judges met the muslim woman in chamber who was adult and married with free will and consent to the Hindu boy.

The court has questioned the conduct of police who was pressurising the couple to part ways or else false case would be registered against the husband-hindu boy.

The court seeing the seriousness of the situation has granted police protection to the couple now.

One needs to be extra cautious and diligent while seeking protection from the high court.

Love Marriage Protection
Love Marriage Protection from High Court Chandigarh

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