A civil judge senior division has finally got relief from the division bench of high court after 6 long years.

It was on the recommendation of the High Court only and adverse remarks by administrative judge that the former was asked to take premature retirement in 2012.

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High Court Reinstatement Matters
Reinstatement service matters in High Court

The bench has granted him all the service benefits missed during the 6 year tenure , and arrears with 8% interest.

The bench laid emphasis on the nature of complaint being anonymous. An honest and strict judge is meant to draw flak from the individuals who are not in line with the law.

The bench founded adverse remarks without any basis, material evidence or irregularity.  Thus, the High Court authorities have to be fairer than the fair while dealing with its judicial officers.

The High Court is to be seen as the epitome of judicial discipline in the eyes of all its officers. Without cogent reasons and clinching material, it would be unfair to doubt the integrity of its officer. Thus, the present decision.

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