For any Young lawyer, the most fascinating fact about criminal law is when would the person get bail after registration of FIR.

In Bailable offence, it is granted from the police station only.

In Non bailable through session court first and then High Court is a settled preposition of law.

In both the cases, accused need to apply for bail once challan or charge sheet is presented in court.

See here the lone accused in Rs. 600 crore Ponzi scam got bail after spending almost an year in the jail. Read the entire story here :

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When does court grants Bail in Criminal Cases

In the second instant case, the accused being a lawyer got the bail just hours after the registration of FIR. The past antecedents clearly play an important role while seeking bail from the trial /high court.

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There can be no sure-shot formula for getting bail in a criminal case. Facts of one case may vary from one another. Past antecedents and status of a person also plays a huge role. At the end, it is as per satisfaction of the judge.

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