First Infirmation Report akin FIR is one such word that sends sweat to every one’s gland. It is a much dreaded word for the first timers who have not even seen the jail in their lifetime.

But FIR sets criminal law into motion. Based on the facts alleged, police registers offences under different section of Indian Penal Code popularly known as IPC. And then proceedings as per Criminal Procedure Code is adopted which is CrPC.

Once the FIR is registered , it must be concluded and should meets it logical end.

Stages of Criminal Trial –

a. If the offence is made out then charge sheet is presented and charges are framed.
b. If on completion of enquiry no offence is made out then cancellation report is filed before the trial court and proceedings end.
c. If the parties have reached a compromise they can move for compromise quashing in High Court.
d. If no compromise, then ordinary quashing to be filed in high court and based on merits if no offence is being made out then the FIR stands quashed.

Please note Cancellation of FIR and Quashing are two different things and don’t mix them.

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