Bail not Jail is the rule when it comes to imprisonment by Courts in India. Until and unless it is a must if the crime is heinous.

Three types of Bail in India

1 Anticipatory bail
2 Regular Bail
3 Interim Bail

Anticipatory before arrest , Regular after arrest and Interim is meanwhile any of the above Bail applications are pending before the court. It is like a temporary arrangement till the time your bail application is granted.

Two instances where it was granted are here.

P Chidambaram got Interim Bail till 7 August in Aircel-Maxis Money Laundering case involving his son also. Charge sheet was given by CBI on 19th July and thus his arrest scheduled but before that he applied for the interim bail. Court during Interim Bail can impose any condition what so may be reasonable.

Interim Bail in India
Interim Bail by Court in India

In another case, the interim bail of the official was extended for four days by the court. The case pertains to criminal breach of trust against three officials from whose custody a file was stolen and they were unable to produce it before the High Court where a case was pending.

Extension of Interim Bail
How to get Interim Bail Extended

So Interim Bail is not a sure-shot thing but yes where the crimes are of less serious nature and not against society then interim bail in usual course is granted to prevent the arrest.

Usually interim bail is applied when a challan or charge sheet Is submitted to court.

Confirmation of Interim Bail
When the Interim Bail is confirmed from the Court
Interim Bail example by Court
Interim Bail Extended by Court

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