Cut off dates of ACR’s cannot be altered arbitrarily by the government and even Army cannot bypass such rules against the government policy.

The AFT bench of Chandigarh has strictly condemned this exercise in the name of so called ‘organisational interest’.

Giving a finding on this Armed Force Tribunal Chandigarh has removed this difficulty by allowing the petition.

Kindly read the story below:

AFT Chandigarh Lawyers and Advocates
Armed Forces Tribunal Promotion Matters

The complainant alleged that his promotion request for reconsideration was rejected by the authorities. Thus, he moved to the tribunal for relief.

The cut off date for complainant’s ACR was May 31, 2011 but for 28 other officers the date was considered till June 30, 2012.

Thereby extending one extra year to these applicants for consideration of ACR.

The rule is: for the same selection board, the cut-off date of ACR’s akin confidential reports are same and where there were exceptions , it ought to be deferred till the criteria is met with full protection to the seniority.

The whole approach of having two cut-offs date is against the principle of equality and opportunity for same group.

Just because of this disparity, the officers lost their promotion consideration in terms of seniority.

The AFT Chandigarh/Chandimandir ruled that it should be a level playing field got to officers to get promotions in the same band.

Now the petition stands allowed and the board has to consider ACR’s for a uniform period only.