Just like a last nail in the coffin , Recovery Suit is your last legal remedy to recover your money.

Though it takes years to get decided but in law you have to take your chances or shots whatever you call.

Shalimar Mall was the first Mall of Panchkula and ironically the last also. The owner RK Aggarwal & family failed miserably with their business and now serving jail for duping people lakhs of money.

Now the trader who was assigned the glass work of the mall has won the recovery Suit against the erring Aggarwal family.

The court has ordered Rs 35 Lakh to the hardware company.

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Recovery Suit in India
Recover your Money Through Recovery Suit

Shalimar mall owners story is a perfect example of riches to rags. The family duped many other individuals on promise of the shop inside the mall and never fulfilled it.

Criminal,  Consumer, Attachment,  Property and now Recovery case,  the owners has seen all.

The case dates back to 2010 and is decided now after 8 long years is enough to prove that it takes time to recover the money but in the end justice prevails.

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