Whether Consumer or Criminal Complaint against Immigration Agent? Well, you can avail both the remedies but which is the most effective one will only be decided as per the facts of the present case.

Immigration Police Complaint
Police Complaint or Consumer Court

Here in this post, we will cite occasions when both criminal and consumer courts have entertained complaints and booked offenders for cheating , fraud and deliberate deficiency in services.

Have a dream of settling abroad? Please hold it unless it is legitimate. My first advice to people don’t believe in shortcuts. Remember if its not legitimate then it’s gamble and someone has to loose. Chances are more of you to loose since these immigration consultancies , companies, firm, visa agents or settle abroad service provider play it regularly. Its a cakewalk for them to gallop lakhs in months and say your application got rejected.

Now the remedies before you?

First would be a legal notice. Give them last chance to show up and do the needful. Legal notice is just a warning that I am moving to court now and I mean it.

Second would be consumer court since I am not fond of criminal as you have to shell out more to get your money back. Consumer courts are quick to issue notice and provide resolution . Whereas in criminal complaint you too have to be present in police station while police tries to mediate with the accused. But not all are alike and exceptions are there. Do see whom you are talking to? If your gut is good in intuition , go ahead or consumer courts are the safest, cleanest, and efficacious way to get the justice.

But some people don’t understand it and they need a heavy doze. Criminal is just the right thing for them. Register a FIR and get after their lives. Don’t let any stone untouched. Go to SSP, DC and Police Commissioner.

If nothing works, trust lawyers like us. We try that justice is meted out to you eventually whether we have to follow all the three. Legal Notice, Consumer case against Immigration Fraud and then Criminal Complaint for cheating on pretext of sending abroad for permanent residency akin PR or job.

Prevention is better than cure. Stay alert and follow the norms. Check agents profile , registered or unregistered, past complaints or behaviours towards students.

LegalSeva wishes you very best in future endeavours. For legal advice related to immigration fraud or cheating by company , agent or firm, please dial 99888-17966 for quick assistance. We say, we do and we bring. Results – LegalSeva.