55 lakh rupees compensation for Medical Negligence by Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana awarded by State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission,  Punjab on account of death of a woman.

It’s a heavy duty exercise to prove Medical Negligence in Consumer Courts. Only an experienced consumer law advocate/lawyer/attorney can take you out of this.

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Medical Negligence Case
Medical Negligence Case Compensation Awarded

Facts that lead complainant won the case:
1 Hospital tampered with documents as there were many cuttings in the evidence submitted. Therefore the credibility of the documents are to be doubted as no satisfactory explanation was given by hospital.

2 The court founded hospital negligent in handling PSV of the patient. PSV is Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV), a another form of mechanical ventilation.

3 The hospital staff was ill equipped with the measures to handle PSV mechanism which is the basic expertise to run a procedure.

4 The decision of shifting patient to PSV was faulty as the condition of the patient was much stable prior. The court failed to understand what transpired hospital authorities to perform PSV if it deteriorated the condition and caused untimely death of patient.

5 The intention of the hospital was malafide as they purposely tampered with record to omit out their liability/responsibility. Also no explanation was forthcoming for the cuttings by them.

Conclusion- It was indeed a case of Medical Negligence by the Fortis Hospital Authorities and the State Consumer Forum rightly awarded Rs 55 lakh compensation plus 33 K as litigation cost.

With increase in commercialisation of hospitals, the care and genuiness of Medical Profession is degraded for the sole purpose of money only.

Now the benefit of patient is secondary and profit is priority at cost of death even of a patient. It really scares people visiting hospitals nowadays.

Hope people can choose wisely when it comes to Medical Emergencies.

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