Appointment Against Sanctioned Posts only
     Appointment Against             Sanctioned Posts only

Sanction means authoritative permission.

Officials are appointed either on substantive , temporary or officiating basis.

Government posts may be permanent or temporary but they are sanctioned . There are sanctioned posts which may be on temporary basis but they can become permanent depending upon the requirement of the post , thus a person can be appointed on a regular basis or temporary basis .Temporary basis job can become permanent after 3 years of service.

Position which is hold by a person on a permanent basis is said to hold substantive position.

Substantive posts are sanctioned in a particular cadre only . These posts are filled by recruitment rules,eligible candidates get these posts ,however they are appointed on probation at that time they have temporary status after completion of their probation period they become permanent.

Officiating position is a position which a person gets when his/ her senior vacates office or is retired then his/  her immediate junior gets to hold the post but the person holding officiating post cannot claim promotion or seniority on the ground that he had worked on that post.

Established department must always keep a register of sanctioned appointments and should keep a record of cadre. If it is not maintained then recruitment rules of each cadre is to be checked which contains the number of posts on temporary or permanent basis separately.

Thus a person gets post according to the criteria he fullfil if state government provides post without checking the amount of sanctioned posts or do not follow the rules required for promotion of sanctioned posts then that all promotion and recruitment procedure is invalid . So all the rules required for the sanctioned post must be checked before doing any procedure of appointment or promotion by the state government officials and these rules of sanctioned posts vary from state to state.

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