This Holiday Season Beware Of Purity Of Gold.

India is a place where gold is sold in tonnes. People in India buy gold for almost every occasion but while we buy gold ,do we buy it with care as most of the time jewellers do not sell  hallmarked and good quality of gold to people.

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 So you should always ask these questions before buying gold:

  1. Does the Gold hold BIS hallmark?

   Jewellers in India tend to pass off inferior quality jewellery as people don’t pay attention to check seal guaranteeing the purity of gold. So it is important for a person to check that the gold you buy has BIS ( Bureau Of Indian Standards) hallmark.

If a person has any issue regarding the hallmark a person can contact BIS , there are 369 recognized hallmarking centres of BIS.

India has many jewellery shops so it is difficult for 369 centres to check the hallmark so never buy gold unless it has a BIS hallmark.

  1. The per gram price of gold must be calculated before buying.

Gold price vary from city to city asit is decided by the associations of gold jewellers . Always check the price of gold before buying from website as they have gold rates from India’s major cities or check from other showrooms of the place.

  1. The quantity of gold you are getting must be checked.

Always pay for the per gram rate of gold you are buying  and do not pay for the wastage that jewellers tend to make you pay.

  1. The buy-back terms must be cleared at the time of purchase.

Always check the exchange and buy- back policy in case you want to return the ornament on ground of complaint or if you want to sell the jewellery back to buy a latest design.

  1. Bill

You should always take the bill. Although you have to pay value added tax and PAN details if purchase is more than 100000 but it will also help you to approach to consumer court.


Gold is a costly and precious metal so while buying it always keep these points in mind so that you are not fooled and it will also help to maintain transparent gold market in the country.

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