For those of you who don’t know what is Cibil Score , here is the definition in most simple words- your financial history of transactions kept by banks and other financial institutions and based on your performance, a score is being continuously maintained in their system, shareable among all banks,  FI’s only.

You can access your Cibil score through 3rd party vendors by paying a small fee of Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 but not more than that .

Poor Cibil score makes you inelligible for all kind of loans and Financial grants.  So maintaining a healthy Cibil score is a must for your peaceful and secured financial life.

Bit you will not know whether your Cibil score has been disturbed or dipped unless you know your score or when you apply for loans.

Consumer Courts across the country gets every year hundreds of matters like these where relief is granted to consumers  (99%) atleast.

Here is one such case :


Consumer Complaint for Damaging Cibil Score
Consumer Complaint for Damaging Cibil Score

Bajaj Finance erroneously marred the score of another person in the name of mistaken personality whereas the person suffered has already repaid the loan entirely. What could be more worse, having a common name, company filed the police complaint and officers came to arrest him from his own house . It’s a sheer blunder and failure how these people manage their records. It was finally when the person filed consumer complaint justice got delivered.

Now the company has to pay Rs 50,000/ – as compensation for mental harassment and destroying Cibil score of the complainant.

Never hesitate in approaching consumer courts when you have a strong case in hand just like the above one.

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