Medical Negligence Cases
     Medical Negligence Cases

The act of medical negligence basically means failure to act by the standards of the reasonably competent medical men. The act of medical negligence has a straight cut life risk of a person, that’s when it is understood that this issue is of major concern. A survey report states that nearly 5 million people die of medical negligence every year.

This problem in hand is not something that can cured once the damage is done, although there are legal provisions and remedies for the victims and their families and punishments for the accused yet the loss of life is a loss that cannot be recovered. A recent case that took the act of negligence to a whole different level was that when a four month old baby, who was admitted for cut on lips and required stitches was given pain killer to provide relief from the pain, the baby as a result died.

The incident is of Jaipur and the parents had filed a case of negligence. Another horrifying case is of Gorakhpur where a woman died after consuming acid which was given to her when she asked for water to take medicines from the nurse. And the most recent case from the India’s most reputed medical organisation, AIIMS. The woman from Bihar had come to come to seek treatment for abdominal pain, but instead she was treated with dialysis.

There was not kidney problem found in her body. The doctor in turn tried to change her document and cover the whole act. These just a few highlights of the wrath the patients have gone through time and again. The remedy of medical negligence calls for specialisation programs that will help in teaching the doctors emergency methods,  various such programs already exist and have been proving themselves to be beneficial. The root of the problem starts at the smaller towns which needs to be addressed. It is safe to say that prevention is way better than cure in this regard.

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