NRI Husbands Complaint
             NRI Husbands Complaint

The last five years have received more than three thousand complaints against NRI husbands. The fact one cannot ignore is the suffrage of Indian woman. Where some are able to take a stand for themselves the rest get overshadowed by societal stigmas.

This problem has been growing since the last decade and has to a point where only more stringent laws can rectify the issue and provide the right remedies. There is huge NRI population in states like Kerala, Gujarat and Punjab. Although the highest rate of complaints have come from Punjab and it stands to be the most affected are in the country. To understand this problem the legal concept needs to taught to the masses.

The act done my majority of such NRI husbands is called ‘desertion’ which means to abandon the spouse but it is not a criminal offence as there is no particular provision of this sought. But desertion can come under the issue of cruelty under section 498A of IPC, the honourable Supreme Court has time and again given various ground breaking interpretations to this term. Various proposals have been made to bring about changes in the laws. The most basic yet important is the registration of marriage and changes in the passport name.

These not only bind the spouses together they also create an evidence in the court of law. Another need of the hour is to create laws in order to determine property rights, woman who are fighting cases in the courts since ten years or more should get fast track proceedings in order to start proclamation of property over which they would equal rights to. The most recent proposal was regarding a Digital portal, where all complaints can to made at a single place. The need for intervention has been recognised as these issue cannot be cured single handily by the victims.

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