Filing a service matter case in CAT (Central Administrative Tribunal) Chandigarh for seeking promotional benefits and arrears of pay is very common.

Promotion Benefits And Dues Cases in CAT Chandigarh
Promotion Benefits And Dues Cases in CAT Chandigarh

Usually, it is seen under the garb of a penalty, the promotion avenues of an employee are stopped and he /she is made to suffer the consequences of it as a downfall in the pay.

Further if you file a case in Chandigarh through Top/ Best/Expert service matter lawyer in Chandigarh, then your arrears of pay also starts accumulating.

So your grievances remain two fold.

  1. Promotion in an advancement of career.
  2. Enhancement of pay which if not done on time leads to arrears of Pay.

Here, we have one particular case, let’s have the facts first:

  1. Applicant worked as a Section Officer in Intelligence Bureau. He worked in Delhi till June 2008 and got transferred to Chandigarh in July 2008.
  2. One of his co-employee at Delhi made a complaint that he has passed casteist remark in the presence of other team members.
  3. An Inquiry was marked by disciplinary authority to look into the matter who concluded the allegations untrue but imposed penalty.
  4. In pursuance to penalty, applicant challenged the orders of disciplinary authority (DA) and CAT tribunal Chandigarh allowed the application and set aside the penalty and quashed the order.
  5. As the allegations were not proved in the charge sheet filed by DA, the imposition of any penalty is unwarranted and unsustainable in the eyes of law, court held in this order.
  6. Now the CAT orders were to be complied by department in pursuance to April 22nd to September 19th 2019 whereby a week’s time for compliance report to do the needful was sought.
  7. The excuse given by the department is the sanction of amount to be paid by the home ministry. Now the case is listed for 30th Oct.

Any Penalty which is not based on the sound principal of service law and rules /regulations laid down by department /organisation is meant to be quashed by CAT Tribunal Chandigarh.

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