Now that the Trial of Akansh Sen Murder Case is over, we expect the final order by Oct 30 of this month.

Through this post, I will try to explain Criminal Stages\ Procedure of Trial and how it leads to Conclusion. Let’s have it point wise.

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Akansh Murder Case now concluded
  1. For any crime presence of both Mens rea & Actus rea is important. The first part talks about ‘guilty mind’ and other ‘guilty action’.
  2. Motive: old enmity between friends Rarewala and Shera that first happened in Mohali, another at Landran at Rarewala’s farm house and last at Deep Sidhu’s house in Sec 9, Chandigarh. On the day of incident,  Sen confronted with Rarewala over his behavior with Shera that instigated Rarewala to kill Akansh Sen.
  3. Actus Reus:  The car (weighing 1520 kg) run over on the abdomen of Akansh Sen over 3 or 4 times that killed him. Medical evidence proved the presence of tyre marks on the body of deceased.
  4. Witnesses: Most important are eye witnesses who witnessed the crime and other investigating officials who can connect the accused to the crime and book the guilty.

Gagandeep Shergill Shera:  Eye witness in this case admitted that the car was run over on the abdomen of the deceased by accused and supported the version of prosecution.

  1. Prosecution Version: The medical evidence corroborates with the version of prosecution and it shows that the death of deceased happened because of the indulgence of accused. The other old enmity was the reason for killing Akansh Sen between Rarewala & Shera. The other accused Balraj Singh Randhawa has been declared as Proclaimed offender.
  2. Defense Version: The case was fabricated the statements of witnesses & 10 did not match. CFSL Delhi Lab was unable to prove that blood stains on car were of the deceased. The abrasion injuries cannot be of car weighing 1,5200kgs.
  3. Final Order: is now awaited. Stay tuned to Legal Seva for more recent updates on the story.

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