Sports Quota Job through High Court Chandigarh (Punjab Haryana)
Sports Quota Job through High Court Chandigarh (Punjab Haryana)

We have seen on many occasions sports quota applicants knocking on the doors of Punjab & Haryana High Court when there is injustice meted out to them in one or the other form.

Be it for:

  1. Appointment of DSP in Sports Quota in State (Punjab & Haryana)
  2. Consideration for the post who took mountaineering expedition
  3. Consideration for post on parity with others.

Here in this case, following Law point was laid down –

  • If the sports event was held prior to issuance of advertisement, the applicant to be considered irrelevant of fact, graduation certificate was issued later.
  • Here the sports event occurred prior to the date of cut-off for applying.
  • Also the condition of recruitment was to produce graduation certificate at the time of interview.
  • Thus the person was found eligible for selection under the Outstanding Sports Person (OSP) general category.
  • The advertisement pertains to Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) dated 18.05.2017 for selection on 2,038 posts of heavy vehicle driver, for which 20 posts for reserved for OSP General Category.
  • Written exam held on:
    1. 6th August 2017
    2. 14th November 2017 Verification of Documents during this time it was found that petitioner don’t have Sports Graduation Certificate
  • Reasoning by Chandigarh High Court: The sports meet was done prior to cut-off date. Hence eligible for recruitment.

Decision – National appointment to petitioner from the date of juniors joining duty along with all consequential.

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